MasterClass Trader


The team covers what has happened over night during the asian session as well as what to look out for throughout the trading day in both the London and the US session. The beauty of it is, no matter where you are in the world, you can make use of the sessions and capitalize on the same moves we take as a team at your own discretion.


We as traders understand the market is always moving and levels are forever changing so within our Technical Updates section you will receive updates on our levels and valid psychological levels in the markets that you need to be aware of when trading.


With a fast changing world that we are currently living in, the macro economics surrounding what actually drives the currencies is forever changing too. Our team provide updates as and when they happen with reasoning to the change in momentum seen across the currency market.


Similarly to the fundamentals that are forever changing, we understand market news can often appear out of nowhere, a term used in the markets known as a Black Swan Event can happen without anyone knowing about it. Our team is actively scanning the markets as well as global news to provide rapid updates as and when they occur.


Within this chapter you get a real feel for the lessons and hurdles within the markets as well as what it truly takes to become a trader within the markets. Shaun breaks down challenges faced within his own journey as well as valid lessons still relevant till this day.


Within the MasterClass, you will get access to unlimited 1-1 coaching sessions that you can avail anytime. You can book the sessions using the calendly booking link on our website.





Course Content

• 1-1 Lessons via Zoom
• Daily Market Analysis
• Trade Alerts sent to your phone Via Telegram
• Pre-Recorded Video Lessons
• GFX Trading Workbook
• Demo account supervision
• Homework Assessment
• Funded Account Info/Training


Several hundred students have gone through the course and are now independent Full Time Traders.

There are 1-2 Live sessions held on a bi-weekly basis. Each session lasts for around 1 hour.


Once you get enrolled, you have Lifetime Access to all the course material and to the Private coaching sessions as-well.


After our students have gone through the training program, we assist them with how they can trade funded accounts with proprietary trading firms ranging from a capital of $10,000 up-to $500,000

Course curriculum:

  1. Market structure
  2. Price Action
  3. Key Zones
  4. Multi-Timeframe Analysis
  5. Risk Management
  6. Trade execution on Lower timeframes
  7. Main Key Levels on Higher timeframes
  8. Tradingview Setup (Main trading platform)
  9. Fibonacci Extension
  10. Trendline Setup
  11. Profit taking on BOS (Break of structure)
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